seal1 [sēl]
[ME seel < OFr < L sigillum, a seal, mark, dim. of signum: see SIGN]
1. a design, initial, or other device placed on a letter, document, etc., as a mark of genuineness or authenticity: letters were, esp. formerly, closed with a wafer of molten wax into which was pressed the distinctive seal of the sender
2. a stamp, signet ring, etc., or the signet itself, used in making such a design
3. a wax wafer, piece of paper, etc. bearing the impression of some official design and used as to authenticate a signature or document
a) something that seals, closes, or fastens tightly or securely; specif., a piece of metal, paper, etc. so placed over a lid, cap, etc. that it must be broken before the container can be opened
b) a tight closure, as against the passage of air or water
5. anything that confirms, authenticates, or guarantees; pledge
6. an indication; sign; token [a handshake as a seal of friendship]
a) any device preventing the passage of gas through a pipe
b) the standing water in the trap of a drainpipe
8. an ornamental stamp placed on envelopes, packages, etc. [a Christmas seal]
[ME selen < OFr seeler < the n.]
1. to mark with a seal; fix a seal to
2. to secure the contents of (a letter, envelope, etc.), orig. by closing with a sealed wax wafer, now usually with mucilage, tape, or a gummed flap
3. to confirm or authenticate (a document, etc.) by marking with a seal
4. to attest to or confirm the truth or genuineness of (a promise, bargain, etc.)
5. to certify as being accurate, exact, of a given size, quality, capacity, etc. by fixing a stamp or seal to
6. to grant, assign, or designate with a seal, pledge, etc.
7. to settle, determine, or decide finally or irrevocably [to seal one's fate]
a) to close, shut, or fasten with or as with a seal [to seal one's lips]
b) to close completely so as to make airtight or watertight
c) to apply a nonpermeable coating to (a porous surface, as of wood) as before painting
9. Elec. to bring (a plug and jack) into full, interlocking contact
10. Mormon Ch. to solemnize (a marriage) for eternity in a church rite
seal off
1. to close completely
2. to enclose or surround (an area, etc.) with barriers, a cordon, etc.
set one's seal to
1. to mark with one's seal
2. to endorse; approve
under one's seal or under seal
in a document authenticated by one's seal
seal2 [sēl]
pl. seals or seal [ME sele < OE seolh, akin to OHG selah, prob. < IE base * swelk-, to pull, draw (with reference to the seal's labored movements on land) > L sulcus, furrow]
1. any of two families (Otariidae and Phocidae) of sea carnivores with a doglike head, a torpedo-shaped body, and four webbed feet or flippers: they live in cold or temperate waters and usually eat fish: see EARED SEAL, EARLESS SEAL
a) the fur of a fur seal
b) a similar fur used as a substitute for this
3. leather made from sealskin
to hunt seals

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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